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Laurinburg Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

What is the Laurinburg Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan?

The City of Laurinburg contracted Holland Consulting Planners, Inc., (HCP) to help the city develop a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan.  With an emphasis on public health, the plan should help make Laurinburg a pedestrian friendly community by improving citizen access to pedestrian facilities throughout the city.

The Steering Committee, made up of Laurinburg citizens, established a community vision for the plan, identified areas that need improvements, and provided recommendations for implementation.  The committee surveyed exiting facilities and identified barriers to pedestrian travel across the city. A community-wide survey was issued so citizens could provide their own observations, opinions, and ideas for the future of pedestrian travel in Laurinburg.  The completed pedestrian plan prioritized needed improvements and identified possible funding sources to help all citizens Walk Laurinburg.

Go to THE PLAN page to see how Laurinburg intends to become

more pedestrian friendly.



Good News!
The Pedestrian Plan was adopted in April 2015!